Thứ Tư, 3 tháng 6, 2009

White swan Chef

He is one of the ten best master chef of China, he is good at Cantonese food, I did not try any snake in China, it'spity.


As this tour is my husband 's company summer trip, he brought his staffs to China (again)... I joint to go, but I can stand traveling with a tour company or with a tour group( I discover more things without them). So we quit our hotel room which arranged and got yourself a perfect big suite at the Metropark. In Guang Zhou , we booked White Swan as they are the most famous, but the room is not that good for the 5star price...the lobby is nice though...


And the last things is what the tour group ate?The sauteed salted green mustard with braised pork is ok though, but who came to China to eat omelet egg??That how people always complain that Chinese food are bad, it's because they never try the real one!

the durian cake come by mistake(as we don't speak enough Chinese) Anyway, Minh Anh said it tastes good..I don't eat durian..The fresh rice roll with chasiu is Darrel's fav, we prefer it w/ prawn, but we don't know how to say it in Chinese...Anyway, our first dim sum meal was a big satisfy, better than what the tour group got to eat that i will post in in the next entry.


and these are my popular order, ha kao,yang chow fried rice and malai kao(is that normal when deserts always come with main dishes?). The very fresh prawns add the super sweet unami taste, and it make the dish so savoury, (or they marinated them with a lot of MSG) I don't know but my tounge got confused when it's sastified, I did not got the MSG afetrtaste and afterfeelling.


Back from China, and our major activities is foods...IT's our common part.. We got to the most famous DIM SUM restaurant in Shenzhen, TANG palace(Thang Cung in Chinese)...Describe: Delicious!!!
Here are the two 1st appertizers, braised pork knuckle and tofu casserole...These are the very good start, I mean for me any start will be good if it come to food..