Thứ Tư, 3 tháng 6, 2009

White swan Chef

He is one of the ten best master chef of China, he is good at Cantonese food, I did not try any snake in China, it'spity.

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  1. Hello A
    Its good to hear from you.I am finally settled in...I too had very bad jetlag,it lasted 5 days.The trip was so wonderful,I and my husband are planning a trip back to Wales.Your cooking for us at the cottage was such a yreat, thank you agian,you are trully are great cook.

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  2. Hello agian
    I think about you guys all the time,hope all is well.
    I have a blog award I'd like to pass on to you.Its some thing some that my self and fellow bloggers like to do,for blogs we enjoy...and I enjoy yours!
    Just come by, and copy and save the button,and post it if you like.

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